Highest quality is our primary goal since 1831. Our products must be functional and have modern design at the same time. We are one of the few companies that produce the traditional, harder porcelain and we refuse to use cheaper materials. We export our goods to many countries all over the world. Quality control is of the utmost importance, starting with designing, through production, packing and sending. We know that if we want to achieve the highest quality we have to use the best materials available. We are aware of the environmental impact and because of that we are able to maintain the highest enviromnental protection standards.



Technical documentation of a new prototype allows for spacial visualisation of a new product and producing the prototype in a matter of days. Modern solutions reduced the cost of implementing new products even by 90%. System management is very flexible, allowing for production of large quantities and fulfilling special requests.



We cooperate with famous Polish designers according to new trends in applied art. Our products are unique, and consist of exclusive sets in traditional shapes (81-year-old Fryderyka shape), decorations, visionary ornaments or a more modern style.



Porcelain is fired at a temperature of 1380°C which results in the level of over 70% whiteness and over 20% transparency. It is thermo proof, highly resistant to attrition and both dishwasher and microwave safe (PZH certificate).


New technologies are important to us (3D designing, automated production and modern production techniques) but we do not forget about our legacy. This is why many decorations are handmade which makes them unique and special. We produce porcelain in Walbrzych since 1820 with knowlegde and experience being handed down from generation to generation.


Production consists of many individual processes, handmade, semi automatic and automated. We use kilns to make under- and inglazed patterns, isostatix presses (Netsch & Sama), automated moulding line (Netsch & Thuring), cup production line, semi automatic moulding line, high pressure foundry (Liport, Netzsch & Sama).


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